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07/27/2016 7:14am

Do you find the way to peace?

05/12/2017 1:17am

Honestly, doodling started from my guilty pleasure to actually be one of my hobby. My creativity and imagination are molded from the boring and sleepy days of my high school life. My creativity would most likely to be at its highest peak whenever I'm sitting in class and the professor is discussing and talking about numbers. If I could just show you the back of my notebooks in any subjects that deals with numbers, you'd be amazed how I actually managed to fill half of the pages of my notebooks, full of doodles. What a shame! But that's where it really all started. So, I think I should somehow give thanks to that particular subject for inspiring me to love art. I have no idea why did I just share that weird part of my life. Anyway, thanks for this amazing doodle. Continue posting your artworks because it just motivates me to do something like that too.

11/12/2016 2:29am

Very creative doodles from you! Your art looks very nice))

12/14/2016 3:04am

These doodles are pretty awesome! You are very good at drawing. Keep it up!

04/17/2017 5:28am

I like them so much! If you will create more doodles you will learn more and more!


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